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Adult Education Program (AEP)

Updated November 2018

This joint initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) seeks to create a regionally aligned adult education system serving individuals age 18 or older across seven core program areas. Objectives include supporting the seamless transition to postsecondary education and the workforce; addressing gaps in services; accelerated learning; professional development; and leveraging existing structures such as local workforce investment areas.

Resources: Legislation (AB86, AB104, Education Code Section 84900)

$26.6m in Proposition 98 General Fund 2018-2019 budget includes a cost-of-living adjustment and $5m for data and accountability 

Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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The Adult Education Program (AEP) is an important source for supporting high-need adults’ academic and workforce skills growth. There is opportunity to enhance program design and delivery to build more capacity and measure outcomes.

A focus on sector-based instruction promotes short-term, primarily noncredit learning opportunities that target specific employer needs. This strategy could restrict participants’ future training opportunities and career trajectory as courses may not transfer to a credit-bearing curriculum, and skills may not be portable.

Initiative placement strategy could improve coordination between K-12, adult education, and California Community College systems. Collaboration on curriculum design, assessment alignment, and development of bridge programs could improve initiative design and institutional delivery, more effectively accelerating student progress toward academic or career goals.

AEP could be scaled to new levels of value and impact when combined with comprehensive academic, social, and financial supports such as:

  • Programming designed for adult workers
  • Unified fee structure
  • Workforce development supports
  • CalFresh and CalWORKs federal assistance program partnerships
  • WIOA services

A Roadmap for Joint Regional Planning from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office can help initiatives identify resources, tools, key questions, and regional partners in order to facilitate collaboration around WIOA and the Strong Workforce Program.

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Adult Education Program (AEP)

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