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Annual Workforce Metrics Dashboard (AB2148)

Updated December 2016

This workforce development initiative of the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) assists the Governor of California with the creation of an annual workforce metrics dashboard that measures the state’s human capital investments in workforce development. This dashboard provides a status report on credential attainment, training completion, degree attainment, and participant earnings from workforce education and training programs to better understand collective impact of state investments on the labor market.

Resources: Legislation (AB2148, Unemployment Insurance Code Section 14013)

Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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This important initiative has many opportunities to connect disparate career pathway efforts in California and help local partners develop shared strategies to meet common performance outcomes. Such connection groupings could include:

  • Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG), WIOA Title I, the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant program, and apprenticeship industry sector partnerships
  • AEBG, WIOA Title II, Linked Learning contextualized, and integrated instruction strategies
  • AEBG, WIOA Title II, Linked Learning work-based learning models, and WIOA Title I transitional jobs and on-the-job training
  • WIOA Title I adult, dislocated worker, and youth supportive services

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Annual Workforce Metrics Dashboard (AB2148)

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