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AB-19 Community colleges: California College Promise

Existing law established what has been known as the Board of Governors’ (BOG) waiver, renamed the California College Promise Grant, to waive the $46/per unit per semester fee for students meeting specified requirements. The California College Promise, established by AB-19, maintains the BOG waiver and administers separate appropriated funding through the CCCCO to community colleges to support student success with an emphasis on first-time, full-time students. Colleges can use these funds to waive some or all of the $46 enrollment fees for first-time, full-time students, or invest in campus-based innovations to advance student success.
The chancellor will establish a funding formula for distribution of legislatively appropriated funds to each community college district that takes into account, but is not limited to, the number of full-time equivalent students at each college and the number of those students who are deemed eligible to receive federal Pell Grants. 

The Governor's 2018-2019 budget proposes $46 million to support this initiative. 

$46m increase in Prop 98 General Funds to support implementation 2018-2019 budge

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While the California College Promise program requires partnership with K-12 institutions, there is an equal opportunity to increase the pipeline of students to college success through partnership with California’s Adult Schools (AEP and WIOA title II initiatives).

Additionally, the CalWorks and CalFresh initiatives also support adults with educational needs who can benefit greatly from the tuition waiver.  Adult students, however, may need part-time options in this program to fit the responsibilities of work and family.

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AB-19 Community colleges: California College Promise

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