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California College Promise Grant

This financial aid initiative from the Board of Governors of the California Community College system waives the $46/unit fee for low-income Community College students who are California residents. Qualifying individuals for the California College Promise Grant include:

  • Students receiving monthly cash assistance from TANF/CalWORKS, SSI/SSP or General Assistance (or if a dependent student's parents receive this assistance)
  • Homeless students;
  • Those with household incomes below certain thresholds established by the California Community College Board of Governors;
  • Students who have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or California Dream Act application and have remaining "financial need"; 
  • Dependents or surviving spouses of California National Guard members, either killed or who died from a permanent disability, as a result of service to the state;
  • Surviving spouse or child of a California law enforcement officer or firefighter killed in the performance of active law enforcement or fire suppression duties or who died as a result of performing those duties;
  • The dependent of any California resident killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks;
  • The child of a United States military veteran who has a service-connected disability or was killed in action or died of a service-connected disability; or
  • The recipient of or child of a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor

Resources: Education Code Section 76300

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While the California College Promise program requires partnership with K-12 institutions, there is an equal opportunity to increase the pipeline of students to college success through partnership with California’s Adult Schools (AEP and WIOA title II initiatives).

Additionally, the CalWorks and CalFresh initiatives also support adults with educational needs who can benefit greatly from the tuition waiver.  With this expansion of the former Board of Governor’s waiver, first time full time students of any age can be supported full time for a year of tuition.  Adult students, however, may need part-time options in this program to fit the responsibilities of work and family.

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California College Promise Grant

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