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California Online College

The California Online Community College will bring accessible, flexible, high-quality online content, courses, and programs focused on meeting education and vocational needs and providing industry-valued credentials to Californians not currently accessing higher education.

By 2023, the college will offer at least three program pathways developed to serve the population of students not yet accessing postsecondary education or without their first industry-valued credential.

Resources:  Legislation (Education Code amendments to sections 70900, 70901, 72506 and addition of part 46.5 commencing with Section 75000 to Division 7 of Title 3)

Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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California’s Online College represents a huge opportunity to create flexible, relevant learning experiences that will serve the millions of working learners who could benefit from additional skill development and credentialing but have been poorly serve in existing postsecondary educational structures.

Partnering with the Adult Education Program to simultaneously develop online “bridges” to college work for adults with foundational and digital literacy needs is critical.

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California Online College

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