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Division of Apprenticeship Standards

Updated December 2016

This workforce development initiative of the California Department of Industrial Relations creates opportunities for California residents to gain lifelong employment skills and provides employers with a highly skilled and experienced workforce while strengthening the state’s economy.

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) administers California apprenticeship law and enforces apprenticeship standards for wages, hours, working conditions, and the specific skills required for state certification as a journeyperson in an apprenticeable occupation.

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There could be opportunity to enhance this initiative’s partnership strategies based on shared goals and aligned responsibilities with the CWDB, as the CWDB’s required Strategic Plan supports apprenticeship and includes a new Healthcare Opportunity Act grant. Apprenticeship is also a key component of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)—and support and expansion of the apprenticeship model is a current priority of the Governor of California’s administration.

Aligning the initiative with Adult Education Block Grant pre-apprenticeship activity could further strengthen and complement the initiative’s competency-based education model.

Leveraging WIOA Title I adult, dislocated worker, and youth programs could give participants access to supports and services based on individual assessment of needs. The initiative could also use data to further track progress, by reporting beyond completion rate as the sole success metric. 

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Division of Apprenticeship Standards

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