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K12 Strong Workforce

K12 Strong Workforce Program is a K-14 state education, economic, and workforce development initiative for the purpose of expanding the availability of high-quality, industry-valued career technical education and workforce development courses, programs, pathways, credentials, certificates, and degrees.

Grants are awarded to local educational agencies to develop and support high quality career technical education programs for students.  Grantees are required to match grant funds, work within existing education and workforce development structures, and report disaggregated achievement data for the purpose of advancing equity with underserved populations.

$200m funded in 2018-2019 

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Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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The required alignment of secondary career technical education with regional workforce development and postsecondary career technical education could provide many opportunities for leveraging WIOA title I youth and WIOA title II adult education programs designed to accelerate achievement of high school equivalency, postsecondary credentials, and quality employment.

Alignment with Strong Workforce and WIOA Regional Organizers could also provide opportunity to strengthen regional employment engagement and industry sector partnerships that can support work-based learning, internship, and apprenticeship as well as employment.

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K12 Strong Workforce

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