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Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence

Updated November 2018

This philanthropic initiative of The James Irvine Foundation is designed to create and leverage a regional network as a vehicle for scaling Linked Learning—aligning the work of secondary and postsecondary institutions in partnership with employers and community organizations. The four primary regions are: East Bay, Long Beach, San Bernardino, and Tulare-Kings, with Coachella and Los Angeles participating as part of the peer learning community. Regional networks are aligned and activated through the work of core partners who serve as “anchors” in this initiative.

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Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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As a philanthropic initiative targeted in specific geographies, Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence is designed to expand its effectiveness beyond the grant period by focusing on the development of sustained system change rather than individual student outcomes. Integrating and leveraging existing sources of public funds and resources targeted at individual pathways development could create an opportunity for targeted regions to focus on the conditions, leadership, partnership, and systems that need to be grown or changed. This could help ensure that engaged organizations transform habits, allocate resources, grow culture, support personnel, and develop policies to sustain efforts long-term.

The initiative could capitalize on its targeted alignment and expand effectiveness beyond the grant period by leveraging opportunities to integrate existing and new sources of public funds and resources. This could help build system changes and capacity in advancing core career pathway elements.

There could be opportunity to align workforce development systems and other community partners to track outcomes and measure system change.

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Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence

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