Community Colleges Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program

Updated November 2018

This postsecondary education initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office awards grants to help community colleges adopt or expand evidence-based practices that boost student success and outcomes in basic skills acquisition. This includes programs for academic assessment and placement, remediation, and student supports. Together, these practices accelerate the progress of underprepared students toward achieving postsecondary educational and career goals, specifically:

  • Completing a college-level English and/or mathematics course within a sequence of three or fewer courses
  • Earning an industry-relevant college certificate or degree within two years

The 2015-16 state budget provided the California Community College system with $60 million in one-time funds for this work, up to $1.5 million per college.

Resources: Overview, Legislation (Education Code Part 54 Section 88800-88810)