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Prison to Employment Initiative

The Prison to Employment Initiative will build regional partnerships to build and/or scale-up existing programs that service reentry populations.  Funds will be released for three specific activities: Regional Planning Grants to develop partnerships and plans; Regional Implementation & Direct Service Grants for implementing planned direct services; Regional Supportive Services & Earn and Learn Grants to fund these opportunities for justice-involved and formerly incarcerated people.

$37m funded in 2018-19 for 3 years
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Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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This initiative design explicitly recommends leveraging the partnerships and activities incubated under existing state board grants including Forward Focus, Workforce Accelerator Fund, and High Road Partnerships.

In addition, including Strong Workforce and Adult Education Program (AEP) partners in initial design as well as implementation of career pathways programs could serve to build on-ramps into existing, sustainable education and training.

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Prison to Employment Initiative

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