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Project SlingShot: Accelerating Income Mobility through Regional Collaboration

Updated November 2018

This workforce development initiative of the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) seeds collaborative efforts led by stakeholders in employment and industry; government; workforce and economic development; and education. These partners identify—and then work to solve—state employment and education challenges with regional solutions. 

Implementation stages for each partnership include: 

  • Action plan creation
  • Research, design, and development 
  • Implementation
  • Sustain and grow
Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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Connecting Slingshot planning to WIOA core partner planning and local career and technical education program planning could further align “supply side” education providers with “demand side” industry partnerships.

This initiative could further enhance and deliver a quality curriculum by using an Integrated Education and Training instruction model that includes adult education and literacy, workforce preparation, and workforce training.

There is potential to identify WIOA participants also enrolled in Adult Education Program (AEP) programs and community college programs. This could help the initiative track progress through shared use of data, selection of metrics, and a commitment to formative and summative assessment to inform continuous improvement. The initiative could also benefit from accountability across WIOA core programs.

Utilizing WIOA Title I adult and youth funds to provide support and career services could give participants access based on individual assessment of needs.

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Project SlingShot: Accelerating Income Mobility through Regional Collaboration

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