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Public postsecondary education: The California Promise (SB412)

Updated December 2016

This postsecondary education initiative of the California State Universities and California Community Colleges creates a guided pathway program in California State Universities that incents students to enroll full-time and stay on track to graduate in four years through access to appropriate courses and enhanced advising. Participating students receive priority enrollment and advising in exchange for a promise to complete 30 units per year and maintain a grade point average in excess of a standard established by the campus.

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Key Elements of the Career Pathway System
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This initiative could add impact by connecting with career pathway educational innovations—such as integrated work-based learning, and education and training—to accelerate learning. Additionally, connecting to more comprehensive career pathway support services could help mitigate the non-academic barriers to completion. Partnering with CalWORKs, CalFresh, and other human service programs could help provide these critical supports. 

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Public postsecondary education: The California Promise (SB412)

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