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Transportation Preapprenticeship Development and Training Program

Updated March 2019

The California Workforce Development Board establishes this competitive grant program to support the development and implementation of transportation preapprenticeship programs through California communities.  Local public agencies that receive Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account funds are eligible to compete for funds to grow their talent pipeline.

Resources: Legislation

Transportation code: SEC. 36. Chapter 2 Section 2038 Division 3 of the Streets and Highways Code 

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This investment recognizes the need to build preapprenticeship programs to support infrastructure spending and employment.  Aligning this work with registered apprenticeship is key, but it would also be advantageous to leverage the Adult Education Program for foundational skills, the WIOA title I program for support services and career counseling, and the Strong Workforce and K12 Strong Workforce programs.

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Transportation Preapprenticeship Development and Training Program

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