Building Strong Systems


Career pathways can benefit Californians seeking employment skills—including high school students, workers of any age in low-income jobs, people receiving public assistance, immigrants, or others.

This tool is for career pathways builders. It has information on current statewide initiatives, presented in the context of pathways systems. Knitting together a set of key elements can infuse quality, add effectiveness, and boost the sustainability of any career pathway.

Understand the elements

Career pathways come in many forms. Study of the best applications reveals six elements that are essential to positive outcomes. Tour these elements, and consider questions that can shape your approach to each.

Learn about the initiatives

The career pathways landscape in California is blooming. Use this directory to get a look at more than 50 initiatives. See what others offer, gain context on where your work fits, and check out opportunities to add reach and impact.

Explore matches

When building career pathways, together is always better. Compare initiatives to find natural connections and surface opportunities for braided funding. Who can you learn from? Who might you collaborate with? New possibilities are in reach. 

Connect to learn, collaborate

Take action to elevate the results of your efforts. Use this simple guide to capture the most promising matches you've uncovered, define your intent, and initiate productive conversations with potential new colleagues.